Ryan R610

Combining the finest materials and state of the art acoustic design Ryan speakers are capable of reproducing music with an unheard of realism and resolution. Every component in a Ryan speaker has been carefully chosen to minimize distortion and coloration allowing music to flow from the speaker as it was recorded.

The exceptional drivers used in the R610 were designed in house. They are manufactured under our direct supervision to ensure the absolute highest performance. The woofer driver employs a laminated Nomex cone to minimize breakup and ringing throughout its frequency range and beyond. The design of the woofers motor and suspension was perfected using the Klippel Distortion Analyzer. The woofer used in the R610 reproduces music effortlessly from a near silent background allowing the listener to hear details in familiar recordings that might have gone unnoticed previously.

The high frequencies in the R610 are reproduced by a tweeter employing a proprietary treated cloth dome sourced in Japan. To maximize high frequency extension and off axis response, the dome shape was match precisely to the die cast faceplate. The R610 tweeter has ultra low distortion down to its resonance frequency providing the R610 with an amazing clarity and smoothness. A felt ring is applied to the front surface of the tweeter to minimize early reflections providing the speaker with holographic imaging.

The R610 crossover seamlessly blends the two drivers. The crossover allows the R610 to produce a near flat in room frequency response, even in less than ideal acoustic spaces music is still reproduced with amazing accuracy. Proprietary solid copper binding posts, air core inductors, Mundorf metal oxide resistors and Clarity polypropylene capacitors were each chosen for their sonic attributes and an ability to let the music flow through unaffected.

The primary goal for the R610 enclosure was to minimize its acoustic contribution. Today it's very common to see enclosures with very complicated shapes. These shapes come at the expense of structural rigidity due to the manufacturing processes required to make them. The R610 enclosure features extensive internal bracing to eliminate panel resonance. The outside of the enclosure is wrapped in real wood veneers and hand finished to provide the owner with a speaker that looks as beautiful as it sounds.

Music and the electronics used to amplify it have reached a level of resolution unheard of even 10 years ago. We believe that entry level loudspeakers have not kept pace with these advancements and made it our mission to change that. We hope you can begin to see the care that has been taken to assemble what we believe is the finest speaker at its price point. In listening to the Ryan R610 we hope you will hear all the amazing qualities of the speaker and enjoy your music collection all over again.

R610 Specifications

Description: 2-Way Bookshelf Loudspeaker
Tweeter: 1” (25mm) Chambered Cloth Dome Tweeter
Woofer: 6.5” (165mm) Laminated Nomex Cone, Die cast frame
Crossover: 2000Hz
Frequency Range: 44Hz – 25kHz +/-3dB
Sensitivity: 86dB (2.83V@1m)
Impedance: 8 Ohms Nominal
Amplifier Power: 50-150 watts
Enclosure: Bass-reflex via rear-firing port
Inputs: Bi Wire - 5 Way binding posts
Height: 16.73" (425mm)
Width: 8.86" (225mm)
Depth: 12.01" (305mm) with grille
Weight Each: 33lbs (15kg) Shipping Weight

Oak Veneer with Clear or Black finishes
Walnut Veneer with Clear or Red finishes
Cherry Veneer with Clear finish

*specifications subject to change